As a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, we are led by a distinguished and dedicated group who serve as our Board of Directors.

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Above: Robert W. Schoen, Jr., MD, President; & Ben Sargent, Chairman of the Board


Executive Committee: Robert W. Schoen, Jr., MD, President; Jimmie Burleyson; Ben Sargent, Chairman; & Brian Smith, Secretary

(Not pictured: William H. Bingham, General Counsel;  David B. Gracy II; and Larry McGinnis, Vice-Chairman)


Board of Directors

Mike Barnes, William H. Bingham, Charlie DeWeese, Bert Dockall, Jimmie Burleyson, John B. Charles, Melvin Clark, Greg Duepner, Dr. David B. Gracy, II, Dennis Kearns, Scott Lewis, Larry McGinnis, Joe Pinnelli, Ben Sargent, Robert W. Schoen, Jr., MD, Greg Squires, & Brian Smith