First Class Lounge

*Our City of Chicago Car is expected to leave the lineup for restoration in August of 2017.

Our car from the Nickel Plate Road – also known as the New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad – was one of a pair of sleeper-lounge cars (the other was 150, the City of Cleveland). Both were built by Pullman-Standard and delivered in 1950. The interior design includes 5 two-person compartments (A through E), a three-person crew dorm room (F), a kitchen and lounge area. Compartment sets A-B or C-D may be joined for groups of four by opening a partition. Each compartment has one large window on one side and a door on the other. The lounge area seats 18 at two-person and four-person tables.

The car originally went into service on night trains 5 and 6, operating between Cleveland and Chicago in early 1950. The City of Chicago remained in the consist until NKP passenger operations were absorbed through a merger with the Norfolk & Western Railroad. The car became part of Amtrak’s fleet in 1971.

Upon retirement from Amtrak service, the City of Chicago fell into private ownership. In 1995 Dr. Henry Renfert donated it to the Austin & Texas Central Railroad. This car is heated and air-conditioned.

This car has wheelchair accommodations.