Welcome to the restoration page for the Cedar Park car. This car will serve as our new concession car upon completion of restoration! Thank you for your interest.


The Santa Fe #3163, now renamed the Cedar Park is a stainless steel Budd Company car built in 1946. Originally built as a 52 seat coach car, the Cedar Park was used as a passenger train car between Los Angeles and San Diego. Budd built passenger equipment is considered the hallmark of passenger car construction, made out of solid stainless steel construction, which makes them resistant to rust and corrosion. ASTA acquired the Cedar Park in 2013.

Once completed in the Santa Fe style, the Cedar Park will serve as our concession car.

Restoration Update 1/9/2018

  • Acid washed exterior of car.
  • Painted trucks (wheel assemblies) silver.
  • Window glass is installed and glazing is complete.
  • Window shades, stools and side trim almost complete.
  • Flooring arrived and has been installed.
  • Electrical cabinet has arrived and been installed.
  • Some wiring has been installed, the rest is currently being installed.
  • All interior walls have been painted.
  • HVAC system has been delivered and installed.
  • Custom cabinetry has been built, delivered and installed.
  • Custom counter tops have been installed.
  • Microphor ™ toilet has been installed.
  • Coolers and drink display have been delivered.
  • Electrical work is 85% complete.
  • Steam pipes were removed for head end power (HEP) conduit.
  • Tied down island and drink boxes.
  • Installed glass and cabinet pulls on cabinets.
  • Adjusted vestibule traps.


Restoration Project List

Next up on the restoration list will be:

  • Finish remaining 15% of electrical work with help of Volunteer Team.
  • Finish work on trucks- guided by new Foreman Chris Hoff.


We need your help!

We are steps away from launching this modern, air conditioned beauty! Every dollar counts.

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Restoration Photos