Adults-Only First Class Lounge

This car is for adults who are 14 and up only.

The Rippling Stream was built by the Budd Company for the New York Central System in 1949. It was part of a multi-car order under lot 9663-023. The Rippling Stream has 10 sisters Forest Stream, Gulf Stream, Rapid Stream, Boulder Stream, Crystal Stream, Woodland Stream, Swift Stream, Mountain Stream, and Rainbow Stream. It was common to give cars the same last name and have a theme in a multi-car order. The Rippling Stream was in the consists of the Ohio State Limited, the Chigagoan, and the Pacemaker, all classic trains of New York Central’s Great Steel Fleet.

The original car number was 10623 and was re-numbered to 3209 for Amtrak in 1974, and finally found it’s home at ASTA.

The Rippling Stream boasts a 22 seat open lounge and 3 compartments. Each compartment has a table that seats up to 4 people with two windows on one side and two doors on the other. It also has a bar and prep area between the bedrooms and the lounge for snack service.

Please note that the Rippling Stream may run as an all-ages car on some special events that are geared towards children- such as the North Pole Flyer. All of our cars are now climate controlled!