We are thrilled you are here to learn more about the train!

We offer four classes of service on most routes; Excursion Coach, First Class Coach, First Class Lounge and Adults-Only First Class Lounge. Ticket prices vary depending on the route you choose, and the class of service you choose. All of our cars are now climate controlled!

Excursion Coach cars are the New Braunfels, Buckeye Lake and Buckeye Trail.  These coach car allows all ages.

First Class Coach is the Silver Pine. This coach car allows all ages.

First Class Lounge cars are the Maurice Beckham and Eagle Cliff. These lounge cars allow all ages.

Adults-Only First Class Lounge Cars are the Rippling Stream and Nambe. These lounge cars are for adults who are 14 and up only.

Please click on the car name above or in the “Train Menu” that you would like to explore! There you can enjoy pictures of the car, as well as the history and current amenities!